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Meet the Programmes

Guest Speaker Dialogues

These sessions will be open for all participants, where they will learn from experienced professionals. The sessions will also feature a question and answer (Q&A) segment, allowing participants to engage the speakers directly. Guest Speaker Dialogues will be held on Thursdays in December.

Focus Group Discussions

These sessions are intended to be a continuation from the guest speaker dialogues, where participants will be split into small groups to share their perspectives with each other, with the guest speaker’s dialogue acting as a springboard for discussion.

MUN Simplified

These sessions will introduce absolute beginners to MUN and various basic concepts associated with MUN. Participants will be able to have common misconceptions and fears associated with MUN addressed. MUN Simplified sessions are scheduled for 5th and 19th December.

Diplomacy Explained

This is a content series that will provide an in-depth exploration of various themes and concepts related to international relations and geopolitics. Articles and videos prepared by our very own Secretariat will be uploaded throughout December.

Online Crisis Simulation

This is intended for experienced MUN participants, who will be thrown back in time into the Xinhai Revolution as a member of the Qing Dynasty, a local official, or a revolutionary in a crisis which will stretch the very limits of their skills. The Crisis will be held between 12th and 15th December. Find Out More