UNASMUN 2017: Committees and Issues on the Agenda

There are three categories of committees, for delegates with different levels of experience:
– Category A for first-time Model UN participants;
– Category B for those who have prior Model UN experience; and
– Category C, for those who have a high level of experience in Model UN.
These include the crisis committees and the UNSC, reserved for those who indicated interest in the registration form. However, we may not be able to filter all delegates who indicate interest in Category C committees there, due to limited vacancies.

Delegates will be assigned to the committees randomly. Allocations will be released on 8 November 2017. Information about the crisis committees will be released at the end of September.

Category A Committees

Disarmament and International Security Committee
(DISEC, General Assembly First Committee)
Committee Chairs: Valen Yo (vxlennn[a], Tan Yong Yi (h1410112[a], Neo Xiu Yang (neoxiuyang[a]

  1. The question of safeguards and prevention against the utilisation of biological weaponry.
    2. The question of the Central African Republic civil war.

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
(SOCHUM, General Assembly Third Committee)
Committee Chairs: Amanda Lye Jue Yin (lye.jueyin.amanda[a], Cheng Wan Jun (chengwanjunri2014[a], Tan Yi Juan Kimmie (kimmietan.zz[a]

  1. The question of prevention and reduction of trafficking in persons.
    2. The question of provision of humanitarian aid in conflict zones.

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee
(SPECPOL, General Assembly Fourth Committee)
Committee Chairs: Ang Jun Sheng Jordan (ang.jun.sheng.jordan.2017[a], Melanie Ngo Mei Zhen (melanie.nmz[a]

  1. The question of territorial disputes in the Arctic.
    2. The question of the Yemeni Civil War.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Committee Chairs: Juhi Agrawal (agrawal.juhi.2017[a], Kester Low Le En (kesterlow1221[a], Wong Kok Rui (h1410129[a]

  1. The question of education in developing countries.
    2. The question of sustainable economic development in post-conflict nations.

Human Rights Council (HRC)
Committee Chairs: Noel Lim Xue Jing (noellimxj[a], Niharika Goyal (goyalniharika02[a]

  1. The question of the rights of internally displaced persons in Syria.
    2. The question of the freedom of expression and assembly in Myanmar.

World Health Organisation (WHO)
Committee Chairs: Tan Yuan En (yuanen77[a], Desiree Chong Ci En (iamdesireec[a], Ang Kok Chun (evan_ang[a]

  1. The question of genetically modified food.
    2. The question of transplant trafficking.

International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Committee Chairs: Zhao Yinglun Alan (alanzhaoseer[a], Wynsey Chen (wynsey.chen02[a]

  1. The question of the protection of the rights of migrant workers.
    3. The question of child labour.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Committee Chairs: Nyang Ying Zhi (nyangyingzhi[a], Goh Tong Tong (gohtongtong[a]

  1. The question of drug trafficking in the Carribean.
    2. The question of wildlife crime in Africa.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Committee Chairs: Hew Zi Heng (hew_zi_heng[a], Chua Fang Wei (chua.fangwei[a], Nicole Lim Jia Yin (niclimjiayin[a]

  1. The question of industrial agriculture.
    2. The question of protection of marine biodiversity.

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
Committee Chairs: Adam Seah Jun Hui (seah.junhui.adam[a], Leona Toh (noriko4749[a]

  1. The question of state treatment of sexual assault victims.
    2. The question of female access to education.

Category B Committees

Association of Southeast Asian Nations Plus Three (ASEAN+3)
Committee Chairs: Sean Woon (seanwoon1234[a], Bebin Joseph (josephbebin[a]

  1. The question of redefining ASEAN’s non-interventionist principle.
    2. The question of formulating responses to extremist groups in ASEAN.

The European Commission (EC)
Committee Chairs: Moh Jin Yin (jinyin.moh01[a], Elliot Kok Kin Fai (elliotkkf[a], Jeremiah Tan (jeremiahtan123[a]

  1. The question of Brexit and its aftermath.
    2. The question of terrorism and border security.

The Arab League (AL)
Committee Chairs: Gareth Lim Yefeng (garethlimyefeng[a], Ren Jiayi (7114150024[a]

  1. The question of restructuring the Arab League.
    2. The question of youth unemployment in the Arab World.

The African Union (AU)
Committee Chairs: Aaditya Tibarewala (aaditya[a], Andrew Lau (andrewlaukk[a], Chin Jia Yi Ashley (ashleychinjy2909[a]

  1. The question of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.
    2. The question of the Burundi unrest with a focus on Hutu/Tutsi relations.

The Union of South American Nations (USAN)
Committee Chairs: Najmus Sadat Nahian (nahian.000[a], Maisy Kim Tyan-Wei (kim.tyanwei.maisy[a]

  1. The question of the Venezuelan crisis.
    2. The question of preservation of the Amazon.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
Committee Chairs: Su Huangyi (su.huangyi[a], Tessa Ho Yue Zhen (tessahyz[a], Arya Arun (aryaarun31[a]

  1. The question of conflict resolution and codes of conduct for territorial disputes.
    2. The question of the cooperation in Energy Security.

The United States Senate
Committee Chairs: Alexis Loh (alexisloh0[a], Tan Zhi Hua Joshua (joshuatan5201[a]

  1. The question of sustainable development of the energy industry.
    2. The question of police accountability in the States.

Category C Committee: Non-Crisis

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
Committee Chairs: Nam Seongwook (nam.seongwook.2017[a], Pranad Gandhi (gandh75568[a]

  1. The question of the extent and viability of the policy of non-interference in
    domestic jurisdiction with special emphasis on the UN Charter.
    2. The threat to international security due to nuclear proliferation.

Do refer to the main page for more information about the 2017 edition of the UNASMUN Preparatory Conference.


UNASMUN 2017: Student Officers

The quality of Student Officer applications for the UNASMUN Preparatory Conference, 2017, was bolstered across the board this year with the introduction of letters of recommendation from teachers. Based on the application form, letter, and letter of recommendation, interviews were arranged and conducted with the shortlisted applicants between July 15 and 22, 2017.

These are the student officers for the seventh edition of the UNASMUN Preparatory Conference:

Aaditya Tibarewala – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Adam Seah Jun Hui – Dunman High School
Alexis Loh – Raffles Girls’ School
Amanda Lye Jue Yin – Dunman High School
Andrew Lau – Raffles Institution

Ang Jun Sheng Jordan – Victoria Junior College
Ang Kok Chun – Hwa Chong Institution
Arya Arun – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Bebin Joseph – St. Andrew’s Junior College
Brennan See Han Hao – Singapore Institute of Management – University of London

Caleb Nathaniel Karim – National Service
Cheng Wan Jun – Raffles Institution
Chin Jia Yi, Ashley – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Chua Fang Wei – Dunman High School
Dee Ma Rui, Marcus – Dunman High School

Deng Yushan – National University of Singapore
Desiree Chong Ci En – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Elliot Kok Kin Fai – Raffles Institution
Elspeth Chan Elle – Singapore Institute of Management – University of London
Gareth Lim Yefeng – Anglican High School

Goh Tong Tong – River Valley High School
Hew Zi Heng – School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Jeremiah Tan – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Juhi Agrawal – Victoria Junior College
Kester Low Le En – Hwa Chong Institution

Kiu Qing Ru Jeanette – Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Lim Li Yi, Stephanie – Raffles Institution
Leonard Sim Jun Jie – National Service
Leona Toh – North Vista Secondary School
Maisy Kim Tyan-Wei – Dunman High School

Melanie Ngo Mei Zhen – Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
Moh Jin Yin – Raffles Girls’ School
Najmus Sadat Nahian – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Nam Seongwook – Victoria Junior College
Neo Xiu Yang – Raffles Institution

Nicole Lim Jia Yin – Raffles Institution
Nicole Neo Wei Di – Oxford University
Niharika Goyal – Global Indian International School
Noel Lim Xue Jing – Homeschooling Community
Norika Ng – Raffles Girls’ School

Nyang Ying Zhi – Hwa Chong Institution
Pranad Gandhi – United World College of South East Asia
Ren Jiayi – Nanyang Girls’ High School
Sean Woon – Hwa Chong Institution
Su Huangyi – Dunman High School

Tan Yong Yi – NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Tan Yuan En – Dunman High School
Tan Zhi Hua Joshua – NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Tarun Rao – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Tessa Ho Yue Zhen – Temasek Polytechnic

Valen Yo – St. Andrew’s Junior College
Wong Kok Rui – NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Wynsey Chen – Raffles Girls’ School
Zhao Yinglun Alan – Hwa Chong Institution

An email with details about our first meeting will be sent out to successful applicants soon. Successful applicants must check their emails and acknowledge receipt of that message.

Registration for the conference is still open. We look forward to hosting schools and their students between December 19 and 22, 2017, at the Singapore Institute of Management.

Yours Truly,
Yohanes Ng
, Conference Secretary-General, on behalf of the Conference Academics Team

UNASMUN 2017: Registration is Open!

When the first Secretary-General of The United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations (UNASMUN) Preparatory Conference – Mr. Kwan Jin Yao – conceived of the idea of UNASMUN, it was to address a serious problem in Singapore’s Model United Nations (MUN) ‘scene’: participation in these conferences were limited to too few schools – often seen as ‘elite schools; the rigour and depth of conferences were often insufficient; and consequently experienced delegates found it hard to be stretched and engaged in these conferences.

At the core of these problems was one key idea: the lack of a guidance framework; be it for delegates participating in MUN conferences for the very first time, or even for the veteran delegate who is going to his/her tenth conference.

Today, it is clear that the MUN scene – including other simulation conferences (ASEAN, Cabinet, etc.) – in Singapore is beginning to overcome these problems, and is growing: in terms of both numbers, diversity, and even rigour. More students than ever are participating in MUN conferences, from an even greater variety of schools, and conferences around Singapore are beginning to find new and innovative ways to stretch even the most experienced of delegates.

Here at UNASMUN, we are proud to have been part of the solution and the catalyst for this growth. Over the past 6 years, we have reached out to over 2500 students from more than 80 schools, and last year’s conference alone involved over 800 students in different capacities: delegates, student officers, and administrative staff. Through involvement in our conference in any of these capacities, we hope to reach an even wider variety of students, and make the MUN experience all the more meaningful and enriching.

In this vein, registration for or application to UNASMUN is now open:

Register as a participant. Registration is open to secondary schools and the institutes of higher learning in Singapore, so find out more and download the registration forms. Don’t worry if you have never participated in a simulation conference before. Not only are segments of UNASMUN dedicated to training and development, our student officers for the first-time committees are also specially selected to provide a nurturing and less-intimidating environment.

Apply as a student officer. Applications have been open since June 2, 2016, and will close on July 3, 2016. Read more about the roles and responsibilities, and download the application form if you are interested.

This year, as part of our partnership with the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Singapore Permanent Mission to the UN, the spotlight is on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the theme “Towards a More Sustainable World“. Delegates can look forward to an atypical and more rigorous discussion on this, and related topics at UNASMUN 2017.

UNASMUN is committed to a process of rejuvenation. That, in addition to our differentiated committees – ensures that your UNASMUN experience will always be new, exciting, and enriching. Nonetheless, even as we make the UNASMUN experience a challenging and meaningful one for experienced delegates, we are still at heart – a preparatory conference. Our focus therefore has and always will be on first-time delegates, and particularly on schools who have never sent any students to a Model UN conference. We can promise first-time delegates that your UNASMUN experience will be a fulfilling one indeed.

The road to achieving our vision: to introduce Model UN or simulation conferences in every school in Singapore, working closely with the relevant stakeholders and supporting them – is a long one. As we continue to work towards this lofty goal, we seek the support of each and every delegate, student officer, teacher, and staff to help us to improve ourselves and our related programmes.

So join us at UNASMUN 2017! Whether you are a first-time or experienced delegate, we promise you a meaningful (and fun!) four-days from December 19 to 22, 2017, at the Singapore Institute of Management.

Yours truly,
Yohanes Ng