UNASMUN 2018: Student Officers Applications Open!

Now in our eighth year, the UNASMUN Preparatory Conference is once again looking for competent and committed Student Officers. From the chairing of committees and training of delegates, and preparation of conference materials, Student Officers play an important role every year.

As faces of the conference, Student Officers should be nurturing, committed, and willing to learn. If you fit that description, and if you possess a keen interest to be involved with chairing and conference academics, we welcome you to apply to be a Student Officer this year.

For more details, refer to the application form:

UNASMUN 2018 Student Officer Application Form (in PDF)
UNASMUN 2018 Student Officer Application Form (in Word format)

Applicants are reminded that there are three documents they need to submit for their application to be considered:
1. An application letter
2. A letter of reference from a teacher
3. The completed application form

More details can be found in the application form itself. Applicants are also reminded that applications should ideally be sent in through their teacher referees.

They should be sent to yohanes@prepmun.sg by May 27, 2018.

We look forward to having you on our team!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the difference between Category A, B, and C?
Category A committees are for first-time Model UN participants;
Category B committees are for delegates who have prior Model UN experience;
Category C committees are our crisis committees.

2. What are the guidelines for the teacher’s letter of reference?
Letters should be no more than 200 words long, and should detail the student’s:
(i) Suitability for the role of a Student Officer
(ii) Past Contributions
(iii) Future Potential

3. Can I still apply as a Student Officer if my national exams are this year?
UNASMUN has a long-standing policy of not accepting applicants who are taking their national exams this year. At UNASMUN, we believe that preparing for your national examinations should take precedence over preparing for UNASMUN, and we would not wish to place our student officers in a position where they would have to compromise on their preparation for either event.

*National exams refer to the following: ‘O’ Levels, ‘A’ Levels & IB Examinations


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