UNASMUN 2017: Allocations and Preparations

Welcome to UNASMUN 2017!

With almost 800 participants from 65 schools in Singapore, the seventh edition of the United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations (UNASMUN) is our biggest, and most diverse conference yet.

Important: An email containing the following information has also been sent to all delegates. If you did not receive that email, do check your Spam or Junk folder, and be sure to add yohanes[a]prepmun.sg to your address book.

These are the three things you should do to prepare for UNASMUN:

1. Check your country and committee allocations.

Search your allocation documents (by school) to check the country and committee you have been assigned to. If you have been assigned to our Xingu River Crisis Simulation, your allocations will be released on Friday, 10 November.

There are four tracks:

i. Committees for first-timers, Category A (CSW, DISEC, SOCHUM, ECOSOC, HRC, ILO, SPECPOL, WHO, UNDP, and UNODC);
ii. Specialised committees for those with experience at one or more conferences (Single Delegate), Category BEuropean Commission, the African Union (AU), , and the United States Senate);
iii. Double Delegate Committees, Category B/Category C: ASEAN +3, the Arab League (AL), the Union of South American Nations (USAN), the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
iv. Category C: The crisis committees (the Xingu River Crisis) – specific allocations should have been sent to your email address.

Do note that delegates assigned to ASEAN +3, USAN, AL, SCO, and UNSC have been assigned to double delegations within the same school, or have indicated their choice of double delegate partner.

If you are unable to find your name in any of the lists, you are an independent delegate that has yet to make payment. Otherwise, please send an email to yohanes[a]prepmun.sg

*There are 3 individual delegate vacancies in UNSC. Delegates in UNSC who wish to transfer from their double delegation to one of the vacancies should send an email to academics[a]prepmun.sg, and copy (c.c.) yohanes[a]prepmun.sg in the email. 

2. Read your study guides.

There are study guides for each issue on the agenda. Some study guides have been uploaded, while the rest will be progressively updated by 15 November.

Please read through the study guides carefully and familiarise yourself with its contents. Questions may be directed to your committee’s student officers.

The relevant documents for the crisis simulation will be released on Friday, 10 November.

3. Prepare the documents.

i. If you are a delegate in the first-timer committees (Category A), you are required to complete a country matrix. You may refer to the guidelines for the document and a sample to get yourself started.
ii. If you are a delegate in the specialised committees (Category B/UNSC), prepare two position papers (one for each issue on the agenda). Guidelines can be found here; and
iii. If you are a delegate in the Xingu River Crisis simulation (Category C), do await further instruction (Friday, 10 November).

All documents should be sent to the respective committee chairs by December 8. When submitting your document, please name your file as “UNASMUN_Committee_Country.docx” (or .pdf), and send it to all the chairs in your committee.


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