Announcing: UNASMUN Press Corps & Financial Assistance!

Dear Delegates,

We are pleased to announce two new initiatives:

1. Press Corps

We’re proud to introduce the Press Corp as this year’s addition to UNASMUN 2017!

Aimed at budding delegates-to-be or students curious about MUN, the Press Corp will provide a safe and engaging learning environment for students to be immersed in the conference experience.

As Journalists, students will be in the thick of action – reporting on committee events and writing editorials with a critical slant. Journalists will be allocated to Publishing Houses, where they will be given autonomy to work with fellow writers in producing engaging articles covering the matters and events arising from this year’s conference. Committee articles will not be the only editorials featured – Journalists are encouraged to pursue other mediums to discuss the topics up for debate as well, such as research and opinion columns. Additionally, they will be given the opportunity to interview the conference’s distinguished guest speakers and pick their brains on the complex issues they have discussed

Students will not only hone their literary prowess as Journalists, but learn much about the intricacies of global affairs from getting involved with the debate happening in the conference proper.

Sign up here!

2. Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

In line with our mission of broadening access to Model UN conferences for every student in Singapore, we are offering to subsidize our UNASMUN 2017 conference fees for students from financially needy backgrounds.

Our subsidy scheme, guided by a means testing framework, offers subsidies depending on each student’s household’s Monthly Gross household Income (GHI) or Per Capita Income (PCI)

To be eligible for the Scheme, you should be under either the
i. MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS); or the
ii. MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB) Scheme

Please refer to this document for a more detailed outline of how our FAS will work.

To apply, simply fill up this Google form, and our Secretariat will get back to you as soon as we can.

We hope these two new initiatives will help more people access UNASMUN, and experience it in a different way.

Either way, we’re excited to host you from 19 to 22 December, and we hope you’re excited for the conference too!

Yohanes Ng
Secretary-General, UNASMUN


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