“(This)Agreement: Understanding Controversial Perspectives”: A Pro Bono Workshop by Harvard Graduate Terence Tan

Harvard graduate Terence Tan
Harvard graduate Terence Tan

Since January, UNASMUN has worked with Harvard graduate Terence Tan on this three-hour workshop for advanced Model UN delegates who wish to broaden their repertoire of skills relevant to Model UN and life.

The workshop is offered free-of-charge. Sign up now!

“(This)Agreement: Understanding Controversial Perspectives” introduces delegates to elements of culture wars and controversial issues in the local and international context, and helps them clarify where they and their peers stand on these controversial socio-political issues. Most importantly, the workshop aims to help delegates understand how individuals may have conflicting but equally valid perspectives on these issues.

Terence completed his B.A. (Hons) majoring in History and Psychology at New York University, and his Ed.M. (Human Development and Psychology) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His research paper, “Sexuality Education and the State in Singapore,” was published in Historian, the NYU undergraduate History journal. While at Harvard, Terence successfully ran an interdisciplinary workshop on political education, combining insights in the learning sciences, contemporary culture wars and social psychology. Terence has also planned curricula for Envoys, an educational travel company based in Cambridge, MA, as well as served as trip leader on Envoys’ expeditions. Currently, Terence is in the National Institute of Education completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Hear from those who had participated in the previous workshop:

Discovering that there are different foundations that can be linked to the way people view things. And hence being able to better empathise with someone else with a differing perspective … I felt that it was overall a refreshing experience“.
– Student from Broadrick Secondary School

Learning about moral foundations theory and learning more about how to understand other viewpoint[s], getting to discuss with people [who hold] varying viewpoints, [and] interacting with new people“.
– Student from CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School

The trainers were encouraging and helpful. I would like to thank them all for sharing their knowledge“.
– Student from Commonwealth Secondary School

Meeting new people, getting to share … our feelings towards controversial issues, [and] learning about [the] moral foundations theory was enlightening, as it made sense“.
– Student from Mayflower Secondary School

Meeting new people, getting to interact with fellow [Model UN participants], and discussing contentious issues“.
– Student from Raffles Institution


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