UNASMUN 2016: Allocations and Preparations

NOTE: This post is meant for UNASMUN 2016, not UNASMUN 2017. You may retrieve the UNASMUN 2017 post here: 



Welcome to UNASMUN 2016! With almost 700 participants from 54 schools in Singapore, the sixth edition of the United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations (UNASMUN) is our biggest conference yet.

Important: An email containing the following information has also been sent to all delegates. If you did not receive that email, do check your Spam or Junk folder, and be sure to add contact[a]prepmun.sg to your address book.

These are the three things you should do to prepare for UNASMUN:

1. Check your country and committee allocations.

Search the allocation document to check the country and committee you have been assigned to. If you have been assigned to our Korean War Crisis Simulation, do check the crisis allocations.

There are three tracks:

i. Committees for first-timers, Category A (DISEC, SOCHUM, ECOSOC, HRC, SPECPOL, WHO, UNICEF, and UNODC);
ii. Specialised committees for those with experience at one or more conference(s), Category B (INTERPOL, EU, the Arab League (AL), the East Asia Summit (EAS), the G-20 Summit, IOC, and NATO);
iii. The crisis committee, Category C (the Korean War Crisis).

Do note that delegates assigned to EAS have been assigned to double delegations within the same school.

2. Read your study guides.

There are study guides for each issue on the agenda. At least one study guide per committee has been published, and the remaining study guides will be up on the same page by November 15. Do check back throughout this week.

Delegates in the crisis committee should refer to the crisis study guide and the information guide.

3. Prepare the documents.

i. If you are a delegate in the first-timer committees (Category A), complete page three of this document (in PDF) – use this document to start your own research of your assigned country, before moving on to the study guides;
ii. If you are a delegate in the specialised committees (Category B), prepare two position papers (one for each issue on the agenda and for INTERPOL, three position papers), and each position paper should not exceed 400 words; and
iii. If you are a delegate in the Korean War Crisis simulation (Category C), follow the instructions provided in the information guide.

All documents should be sent to the respective committee chairs by December 6. When submitting your document, please name your file as “UNASMUN_Committee_Country.docx” (or .pdf), and send it to all the chairs in your committee.


8 thoughts on “UNASMUN 2016: Allocations and Preparations

  1. As a delegate of the SOCHUM, community of Chile. I realized my email did not format and had errors being sent out as of 7/12/16; 5:19 , And i did not save my work. Is it possible to submit my work latest by 8/12/16; 2359?

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