UNASMUN 2016: Committees and Issues on the Agenda

There are three categories of committees, for delegates with different levels of experience:
Category A for first-time Model UN participants;
Category B for those who have prior Model UN experience; and
Category C, the crisis committees, reserved for those with prior Model UN experience and who indicated interest in the registration form. Not all delegates who indicated interest, however, will be filtered to the crisis committees, due to limited vacancies.

Delegates will be assigned to the committees randomly. Allocations will be sent to students and teachers on November 8, 2016. Information about the crisis committees will also be released on the same date.

Disarmament and International Security Committee
(DISEC, General Assembly First Committee)
Committee Chairs: Chloe Ong (chloealexisong[a]gmail.com), Dineshram s/o M Sukumar (dineshram998[a]gmail.com), Haajar Bte Arman (haajar.btearman[a]commonwealthsec.moe.edu.sg)

1. The question of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.
2. The question of the weaponisation of social media in terrorism.
3. The question of long-term, post-conflict military stability.

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
(SOCHUM, General Assembly Third Committee)
Committee Chairs: Advay Sudarshan (advay3399[a]gmail.com), Matthew Tan (matt.tan.999[a]gmail.com), Valen Yo (vxlennn[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of modern-day labour emancipation.
2. The question of the displacement and integration of refugees.
3. The question of empowering rural communities through technology.

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee
(SPECPOL, General Assembly Fourth Committee)
Committee Chairs: Isabel Toh (isabeltoh[a]gmail.com), Jillian Chang (jilljillchang[a]gmail.com), Nickdev Singh Gill (nickdev.s.gill[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of improving the effectiveness of United Nations peacekeeping operations.
2. The question of anti-personnel landmines.
3. The question of democratic election processes in the twenty-first century.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Committee Chairs: Huang Feiyang (feiyanghuang99[a]gmail.com), Johannah Wai (johannah.wai[a]students.sota.edu.sg), Suganti D/O Devarajan (suganti.devarajan[a]commonwealthsec.moe.edu.sg)

1. The question of food security.
2. The question of the conservation of ecological and environmental resources.
3. The question of the protection of women in conflict zones.

United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC)
Committee Chairs: Dejoy Shastikk Kumaran (h1310039[a]nushigh.edu.sg), Estella Cheong (estella.cheong0007[a]gmail.com), Megan Wee (sjii1046[a]sji-international.com.sg)

1. The question of the rights of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.
2. The question of the safety and rights of journalists.
3. The question of reforming the Geneva Conventions.

World Health Organisation (WHO)
Committee Chairs: Joy Neo (joy.neojiayu[a]commonwealthsec.moe.edu.sg), Lee Jit Ping (jitping22[a]gmail.com), Tara Uttamaram (tarauttamaram[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of the accessibility of dispensable pharmaceutical drugs and medication.
2. The question of combating epidemics.
3. The question of counterfeit medicine.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
Committee Chairs: Bharathkumar Sriram (sriram.bk99[a]gmail.com), Ethan Wong (ew2363[a]oakmeadow.com), Lee Kai Yi Sandy (sandy256lee[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of children in armed conflicts.
2. The question of youth radicalisation.
3. The question of child trafficking.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Committee Chairs: Alexis Loh (alexisloh0[a]gmail.com), Devishi Sarin (devishi2000[a]gmail.com), Tan Wei Heng (tanwh2000[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of the role of the narcotics industry in terrorism.
2. The question of police accountability in strengthening the rule of law.
3. The question of strengthening international cooperation to combat drug tourism.

The International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL)
Committee Chairs: Akshath Malik (akshathmalik[a]gmail.com), Darell Chua (darell27[a]gmail.com), Lee Rouhui (leerouhui[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of systemic piracy in Asia.
2. The question of the trafficking of illicit small arms and light weapons.
3. The question of the cyber-hacking of governmental organisations by non-state actors.

The European Union (EU)
Committee Chairs: Marcus Dee (dee.murui.marcus[a]dhs.sg), Sadia Tasneem (sadiatasneem1999[a]gmail.com)

1. The Future of EU’s Single / Common Market.
2. Islamophobia in the EU.

The Arab League
Committee Chairs: Khor Jia Wei (kjiawei11[a]gmail.com), Tiffany Foo (tiffanyfoo13[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of Bahraini political strife.
2. The question of developing the Arab Common Market.

The East Asia Summit
Committee Chairs: Dong Jiaxi (jiaxi0910[a]gmail.com), Nigel Li (li31186[a]sas.edu.sg)

1. The question of disputed territories in the South China Sea.
2. The question of combating violent extremism in East Asia.

The G-20 Summit
Committee Chairs: Mayuri Hana Gupta (mayurigupta123[a]gmail.com), Ryan Wee (ryanweesh[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of balancing economic prosperity and energy sustainability.
2. The question of offshore tax evasion.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Committee Chairs: Joseph Khaw (josephkhaw99[a]gmail.com), Yasmine Xuning Kanagalingam (yasminexuningkanagalingam2000[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of the sustainable economic development of Olympic host nations.
2. The question of the transference of athlete nationality.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
Committee Chairs: Christine Ow Zhi Ning (christine.ow.1999[a]gmail.com), Wu Wengang (wengang369[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of militarisation in the Balkans.
2. The question of NATO expansion in operations and membership.

Do refer to the main page for more information about the 2016 edition of the UNASMUN Preparatory Conference.


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