Centralised Training Sessions: UNASMUN Partners “Academy of Talk”

Academy of Talk (Logo)

Since February, UNASMUN has partnered social enterprise Academy of Talk, who will also run the same three-hour workshop for students with prior conference experience during the centralised training sessions in March, April, and May. The trainers have all participated in – and have been distinguished at – various Model UN conferences, and are well poised to share tips, tricks, and skills for delegates.

These workshops are offered free-of-charge.

Sign up now, and hear from those who had participated in the previous workshop:

I learnt the fun of public speaking, watched and learnt what not to do when doing so, and enjoyed the session.
– Student from Changkat Changi Secondary School

The speakers were engaging and experienced. The session was well-organised with good content. And the duration was just right.
– Student from Hwa Chong Institution

I liked how the speakers were lively and engaged us through activities and demonstrations. The class size was also suitable.
– Student from Raffles Institution

Very good and fun workshop! I enjoyed the presentation, the speakers’ jokes and friendliness, and the engaging activities.
– Student from Saint Joseph’s Institution International School

There were many techniques shared, such as speaking techniques, how to have better body language and gestures, as well as how to organise content for more effective speeches.
– Student from the School of the Arts


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