UNASMUN 2015: Committees and Issues on the Agenda

These are the regular committees and issues on the agenda for UNASMUN 2015. Do note that delegates will be assigned to the committees randomly – and will be sent to students and teachers on November 8, 2015 – as specified in the registration form. Information about the crisis committees will also be released on the same date:

Disarmament and International Security Committee
(DISEC, General Assembly First Committee)
Committee Chairs: Chan Hui Shan (scgirlhearts[a]gmail.com) and Chua Yingying, Erin (chua.yingying.erin[a]dhs.sg)

1. The question of measures to combat cyber-terrorism.
2. The question of state-sponsored terrorism.

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
(SOCHUM, General Assembly Third Committee)
Committee Chairs: Daryl Cheong (daryl.cheong.012s[a]mshs.edu.sg) and Sarah Chiang (sarchiang[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of the rights and preservation of culture of indigenous people.
2. The question of racial discrimination.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Committee Chairs: Matthew Tan Ju Wei (matthewtan99[a]gmail.com) and Wu Mingkun (wu.mingkun.2015[a]vjc.sg)

1. The question of universal access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.
2. The question of the reduction of poverty.

United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC)
Committee Chairs: Kenneth Kwa Jun Xian (kwa.junxian.kenneth@[a]dhs.sg) and Priscilla Fong (priscillafong28[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of human trafficking across borders.
2. The question of capital punishment.

World Health Organisation (WHO)
Committee Chairs: Ethan Behan Wong Yao De (ew2363[a]oakmeadow.com) and Pang Wenn Ler (wennler[a]yahoo.com.sg)

1. The question of non-communicable diseases.
2. The question of antibiotic resistance.

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee
(SPECPOL, General Assembly Fourth Committee)
Committee Chairs: Edward Wong Zi Shen (wong.zi.shen.edward.2015[a]vjc.sg) and Sanjana Subramanian (official.sanjanasub[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of combating the threat of the Islamic State.
2. The question of refugee management.

African Union (AU)
Committee Chairs: Zhao Xingyu (xingyuzhao1998[a]gmail.com) and Sonia Tan Ying Ying (soniatyy[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of blood diamonds and conflict resources.
2. The question of the Central African Republic conflict.

The League of Nations (LON)
Committee Chairs: How Jackson (how.jackson[a]dhs.sg) and Zhu Qi (zhuqi.1997[a]gmail.com)

1. The question of disarmament after the First World War.
2. The question of Upper Silesia.

There will be three general tracks: i. regular committees for first-timers; ii. regular committees for those with experience at one or more conference; as well as iii. crisis committees for those with experience at one or more conference, and who have expressed interest in the registration form. False declarations could result in the disqualification from awards.

Do refer to the main page for more information about the 2015 edition of the UNASMUN Preparatory Conference.


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