UNASMUN 2015: Registration is Open!

Update (September 23, 2015): UNASMUN 2015 will be held in the Singapore Institute of Management, instead of the Institute of Technical Education.

I participated in my first simulation exercise in 2006 – a Model United Nations (UN) conference – and while the scene in Singapore has grown with higher participation rates, two problems persist: the lack of access to simulation conferences, as well as the need for more rigour in these events. In other words, participation is still limited to a small and repeated number of schools, and the quality of discourse often leaves much to be desired.

The United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations (UNASMUN) Preparatory Conference is part of the solution, and has been since 2011. Recognising the academic and co-curricular benefits of simulation conferences such as Model UN, the Preparatory Conference was designed for first-time participants, partnerships were established with institutions, and – even more recently – a structured training programme was also introduced in various schools. Through these endeavours the intent has been to reach out to new students, and to empower the more experienced ones with the skills and knowledge to go even further.

It is the same reason why UNAS has supported Singapore Polytechnic and the other four polytechnics at the Youth Model ASEAN Conference since 2012, after hosting two of its lecturers at the inaugural UNASMUN. In this vein, we have also pushed the dates back by a week (December 15 to 18), so as to accommodate students from the polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Educaton after their examinations. Registration or application for this event in December is now open:

Register as a delegation. Registration is open to secondary schools and the institutes of higher learning in Singapore.

Don’t worry if your students have never participated in a simulation conference. Segments of UNASMUN will be dedicated to training and development.

Apply as a student officer. More information about the roles and responsibilities, as well as the criteria is presented on the application form.

UNASMUN itself will always be a work-in-progress, and while we look back with great pride we look ahead with even greater excitement. After every conference and every training session we are anxious to gather feedback – especially the negatives – to better ourselves, because our vision is to introduce Model UN or simulation conferences in every school in Singapore, working closely with the relevant stakeholders and supporting them. So to do that, we must never stop learning.

Join us at UNASMUN! Whether you are a first-time or experienced delegate, we promise you a meaningful four-days from December 15 to 18, at the Singapore Institute of Management.

Yours truly,
Jin Yao, Kwan


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