The UNASMUN Family

I was still a national serviceman when we were planning the first United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations Preparatory Conference – “UNASMUN” or “PREPMUN” – and my weekends were spent meeting the team, sending publicity emails, processing registration forms and other logistics. When I had some free time, stuck in the army camp on the long weekday nights, I remember typing-editing-typing-editing-typing the delegate handbook. It was our first time organising a conference, and so there was much we had to do, to prepare, and to learn.

December 10 was the final day of the first UNASMUN. It was also my final day in the army. And it was also supposed to be my first and last stint as the conference Secretary-General.

Yet three years on here we are again, at the fourth edition of UNASMUN. So it goes. I am still at the helm – (un)fortunately – but now I am flanked by a spontaneous team of incredible people. These are the people who make our conference special: the Catholic Junior College volunteers from our first two sessions, the delegate-turned-chair-turned-administrative team-turned-trainer, and those serving our nation in green (the army) and blue (the Home Team), who spend their weekends out of camp to plan for the conference. That is special, and they are special.

Nowadays at local simulation conferences and school training sessions when I chat with past UNASMUN participants, I am cheered by their desire to return and help in any way. Many of them have gone on to win (more) competitive conference awards, and have represented Singapore in overseas conferences too. These are the people who make our UNASMUN special.

As a preparatory conference, we learn with you. This year we’re headed back to the Singapore Institute of Management from December 9 to 12. We’ve taken your feedback very seriously, and every year we seek to improve your experience. That makes you, and us, special.

And so, registration is now open! We are also accepting applications for student officer positions. This remains a preparatory conference, especially for students and schools which have never participated in a MUN programme, but we are also inviting delegates who have attended more than one conference. A crisis committee, for instance, is offered. Registration fees have been lowered, and there will be further discounts for returning schools and schools sending more than 10 students. Financial assistance is also available.

Talk to us if you need more information, and register early. See you at the conference!

Yours truly,
Jin Yao, Kwan
Conference Secretary-General
UNAS Model United Nations Preparatory Conference


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