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Joel Sherard (UNASMUN 2011)
Lee Kay Han (UNASMUN 2012)
Tan Wen Yan (UNASMUN 2013)
NurulHuda Yussof and Kate Lim (UNASMUN 2011, 2012, and 2013)
Audrey Loy and Bryan Mendoza Bathan (UNASMUN 2013)

Audrey Loy and Bryan Mendoza Bathan

Audrey and Bryan


“Chairing UNASMUN 2013 was a really fulfilling, fun, and meaningful for me. From the late night Skype sessions to prepare with my co-chairs, to the really wonderful ECOSOC which brought us “quality entertainment”, I couldn’t have asked for a better council to preside over. Two of us were chairing for the first time (it was a dynamic female trio), so the third mentored us along the way. I am really thankful for that, for her patience, and all she has done. I still have much to learn too!

UNASMUN is also a MUN for all – chairs and now the more experienced delegates – to learn and better themselves. I started my MUN journey at UNASMUN 2012, and have gone on to many other conferences. The friendships forged, the many people I’ve met along the way, and the fun times during and after the conferences are truly special. To quote some of my friends, MUN equips you with the skills to -perhaps- take over the world one day, and UNASMUN is a special one which can help you get this amazing journey started.

Come join us this year for an experience that you won’t regret. Come with an open mind to learn. That is all you need to make the four days of conference time well spent.”


“Being in UNASMUN as a chair was both a challenge and a privilege. Being a chair was not as easy as I thought, and I admit that I had initially struggled with the preparations.

Just the new delegates learnt the ropes to MUN, I learnt the ropes to chairing. I really enjoyed chairing GA3, with a council of delegates who made sessions both intense and fun. Seeing how much the delegates had learnt in just four days gave me such a huge sense of achievement. I will never forget the people I’ve met at UNASMUN, the friends I’ve made, and the experience I’ve gained as a chair. I believe that UNASMUN is so special because there’s always room for learning. Everyone learns.”

NurulHuda Yussof and Kate Lim

NurulHuda Yussof and Kate Lim


“Entering the conference as an inexperienced delegate of only 14, I did not know what to expect at UNASMUN in 2011. Despite assurance that it was a preparatory conference, my apprehension never really left me till I stepped into the council on the first day.

My chairs (Nurul and Rae) made the otherwise daunting process so enjoyable for our council that I returned as a chair the following year. Now in 2014, I continue the fourth year with UNASMUN, working with Jin Yao as part of the organising team.

UNASMUN is like no other conference in Singapore. Since its inception, we have always prided ourselves in bringing students from all over Singapore to work on this project under the UNAS. The unique culture and identity of this conference have been moulded under the leadership of Jin Yao, and students like me return year after year to volunteer our hours to make this event happen.

The suitably challenging yet comfortable pace of the conference allows delegates experiencing MUN for the first time to immerse themselves fully into their ambassadorial roles, and gain a deeper understanding to the UN. When I chaired UNASMUN 2012, we were assigned additional roles of a mentor, friend, and advisor, allowing relationships with our delegates to strengthen. More importantly, delegates left the conference more fulfilled and confident, ready to embark on their MUN journey.”


“Looking at how Kate has grown ever since the first time I met her at UNASMUN 2011, I truly feel a sense of pride and fondness towards her, and towards the people of this conference as a whole. These sentiments are also unique to this conference, because UNASMUN has been built around the purpose of facilitating development.

From the position of a chair, I have progressed to take on more administrative roles, and – in addition – feel blessed to have watched more batches of delegates who, just like Kate, are returning to offer their help as student officers and executive team members. What makes it better is that each time the team gets together, we are all excited to get to know the new batch, to train them and to guide them. We are always thinking of newer, better ways of imparting what we know.

I think I speak for both Kate and myself when I say that we really look forward to meeting the new batch of delegates, and we cannot wait to see how you will grow over the years. We’ll see you soon!”

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Tan Wen Yan

Tan Wen Yan

“It was a heartening and eye-opening experience for me. I had previously chaired the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School MUN (SCMUN) in 2012 and 2013, but chairing at UNASMUN is very different. All the basics had to be taught.

In the beginning chairing my committee was an uphill task. The new delegates turned up to the conference on the first day with no proper knowledge of the UN and MUN! This, coupled with their lack of research and general knowledge, meant that the chairs had to spend a longer time explaining the discussion topics, on top of MUN protocol and procedures.

Yet the effort was well worth it. Admittedly, it was initially disheartening when you see your delegates groaning and complaining, but at the end of the four days, I noticed a significant change in their attitudes. Many actually pestered for a longer MUN and for the council to never lose contact. Seeing these positive changes was one of the most rewarding parts of chairing UNASMUN.

For me, it goes without saying that the friendships I forged with my fellow delegates and especially the other chairs was the best take-away from UNASMUN. Even up till now, we chairs still keep in touch regularly to discuss current affairs around the world. And to have fun, of course. These meet-ups have helped to broaden my perspectives of the world and improved my general knowledge – with great company.

MUN isn’t as scary as it sounds, or as intimidating as many might make it out to be. Once you overcome that barrier of fear to voice your own opinions and mix around, you’ll undoubtedly realise that MUN is really just more than a conference.”

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Lee Kay Han

Lee Kay Han

“Chairing UNASMUN is an experience I have never regretted, and having done it twice in a row I think that’s a pretty solid testament to how great the conference is. Back in 2012, I entered the conference with slight trepidation. The first day, however, instilled much confidence in me as the community was extremely welcoming and friendly, a significant aspect of a conference tailored for the less experienced.

A reason why I enjoyed the previous two editions so much was due to the people; namely the delegates, student officers, and administrative team: they being such an enthusiastic, crazy, and fun bunch, who the conference so worth it. Delegates approach the conference with an open mind and pick up skills easily, participating actively in debates and discussions. Additionally, the student officers and administrative team are a special group of people who are highly efficient yet incredibly personable.

UNASMUN is special in the sense that the newer delegates are the main focus, with a priority to show them the ropes, and to help them navigate through diplomatic intricacies. As chairs we try our best to encourage and to provide opportunities for delegates to showcase their talents and hone their oratorical skills. It is truly heartening as a chair to see delegates who go on after UNASMUN to attend many more conferences, in capacities as both chairs and delegates, even winning awards.

Many things in life are learning experiences, and UNASMUN is definitely a place where valuable experiences can be gained, where meaningful friendships are forged, and where wonderful memories are created. I left both conferences wishing they had lasted longer, looking forward to future editions.

To all with the slightest inclination to participate, I highly encourage you to sign up now – it’ll definitely be an experience which you won’t regret.”

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Joel Sherard

Joel Sherard

“I was really privileged to be part of the pioneering UNASMUN team, back when (Secretary-General) Jin Yao still had army hair, as a chair of GA3. Unlike other MUN conferences I had participated in, UNASMUN was markedly different. It sought to do away with the air of pretentiousness associated with typical conferences, to create a space for new delegates to grow and learn, a first in Singapore. The people behind the conference – organisers, chairs, staff and students from CJC – all worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality.

From the outset, I could tell that this conference was special. The first-timers took centre stage. Over the course of those four days, I saw some hesitant and reserved individuals develop into confident speakers with wit and perhaps a little flair akin to Jin Yao. I saw people from all backgrounds – the JCs, polytechnics, and madrasahs – working together. I saw close bonds forged (even with the occasional poetic flair and drama) across the entire committee, many of whom are still in contact today.

The conference was special to me as many students made their initial foray into the world of diplomacy. Many of them have gone on, and quite successfully I might add, to other conferences in Singapore and around the world. This is a conference that imparts new delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge for MUN, unlike other conferences where seasoned orators jostle for the coveted ‘Best Delegate’ award, leaving the newer ones at sea in their wake.

UNASMUN 2014 is a big step for the organising team as we seek to take this project another step further. While you may have noticed some changes to this year’s conference, the underlying vision and spirit of the conference remains the same. This year (in my green uniform and boots), UNASMUN will include more opportunities for learning across all levels. Experienced delegates will be able to hone their skills in dynamic crisis committees, while newer delegates will have the choice of both single and double delegations. We hope these new initiatives will make UNASMUN 2014 an even more memorable experience for everyone. Registration is already open, so do sign-up while spots are still available. I hope to see you there!”

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